Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance can be added to the shipping label when you take the package to the Post Office. Just let them know you would like to insure the package and they will add the insurance to the label.

The offer is good for 14 days beginning the day the order is submitted to us. If an item arrives after the 14-day mark, the current offer for the device will be given.

Any box will work with the shipping label! You can get creative with it, however if you can't find a box just let us now - we almost always have one that should fit your device. Reach out to us at and we can send you a box.

Reach out to us at and we can get a shipping label sent to you.

The electronics are evaluated using a computer software for diagnosing phones. This software makes sure the model is correct and tests all functionality of the device(s). Once we have finished we manually grade the phone to be flawless, good, cracked screen only or damaged. We assess the physical condition of the item(s) to see if the category you selected matches its description. We look to see for scratches, dents, etc. We also look to see if the item(s) is real or counterfeit, as well as look to see if there was any tampering done to the item. Your item(s) is then checked for water damage. Lastly, we look to make sure that all passwords are removed so we can reset the phone and wipe out all personal information. If your evaluation was accurate, we will send you the money in the method you select. If not, we will offer you a new price, which you can accept, or ask for your item(s) back. Rest assured, at iRefurbishTech, we give you the most value for your item.

Once you accept an offer and during the checkout process, you'll be prompted to print a pre-paid USPS label or if you need a shipping kit we will mail the next business day. Please print out the shipping label and follow the instructions on the label. Once your package is ready to ship, please drop it off at the nearest USPS location and always obtain a receipt.

That's okay. USPS will charge us for the difference in weight if at all there is any.

Enter the email you used to place in your trade in to our order tracking tool located on the top of the site under "Track Order"

When sending in a cell phone, iPod, or iPad, only the device is necessary. Apple watches need to be sent in with the band for the full price. If you are sending in a gaming console the power cables and a controller is required to get the quoted amount. Please note that if there is a request to have the device(s) sent back, any chargers, cases, boxes, etc will not be sent back since they are separated, discarded and recycled.

No. There is no limit, you can sell as many items as you want. However, for bulk sales (50 or more items), please contact us first before creating an offer. All bulk sales are subject to final approval and may be cancelled for any reason whatsoever as deemed necessary.

Worry not, just select a condition that you feel is accurate. Once we receive your item(s), we will evaluate it and adjust the offer accordingly. Please note that the final offer price could end up being higher or lower. If it's lower, we will email you about the adjustment and you have 7 days to accept the offer. If you do not respond within the 7 day time period, we will assume you have accepted the offer and will initiate the payment.

We currently offer two methods of payment, Check or PayPal. You'll be asked to indicate your preference when you check out. Your payment will be sent to you when we receive and inspect your item(s) which is typically within 1 business day of receiving your item(s).

If you do not agree with the inspection results of your phone, you can ask for another inspection to ensure the same resutls. If your are not satisfied we will return your device free of charge.